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Spirit Release & House Clearing

With over 20 years of experience working with energy and residual energy, known as the echo remnants of souls that still inhabit the space that they lived or died in. This is actually not uncommon and many of you I am sure have had that chill down your spine or that shiver when you go somewhere that is actually harboring this trapped frequency.


There are many myths abound about ghosts and residual energy, which are perpetuated by horror films and TV shows alike. I clear spaces that are being affected by this type of energy and is also a hobby of mine as well.

Spirit release is done through the aspect of aura clear but can also be obtained through hypnosis if necessary. Spirit attachment feels like someone is holding the soul hostage; symptoms can include deep loneliness and depression with a detachment to the corporeal world. People often feel dislocated from other people and often times feel like they don’t belong on the earth plane. These people tend to be highly sensitive and incredibly intuitive. This type of clearing can be very effective and emotional, but with all this work there is a symbiosis of self-healing and self-responsibility.

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