Upcoming Events
Sun, Jul 12
Alton Barnes
July Workshop in Avebury and surrounds-£70-Payment opening in May-RSVP to reserve your place
An interactive workshop/ tour in the beautiful neolithic landscape of Alton Barnes/Avebury with a meditation to end with at Silbury Hill. We will learn earth energies and ley lines, meditate with our ancestors and hopefully go into a crop circle and LOADS MORE.Not to be missed!
Sun, Feb 02
St Micheals Sanctuary, The Malt House
Tools and Techniques for the new frequencies of 2020
This experiential and informative workshop will provide you with practical ways to harness these new energies and help move forward to a more algned way of living,
Sun, Dec 01
Thythe Barn - Burford Bridge Hotel
The Eight Keys for Accessing Infinity Consciousness
Kathy and Carolina invite you to an experimental day steeped in consciousness

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