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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for signing up to my website!

I am excited to be creating a community of like-minded individuals where we can exchange thoughts, and move ourselves forward into a deeper understanding of consciousness and our place within it.

I will be doing monthly Q&A podcasts and weekly blogs on any topic related to the field of consciousness, and interviewing people within the field regarding the perception of it.

My first interview will be with Shirley O’Donoghue who founded Lucis College and who teaches crystal healing and who has written books on crystals. She has many years teaching experience within the field of energy healing and we will be discussing crystals and their uses in the first interview coming in November.

So please email me with any questions on consciousness or paranormal/energy that you might have, and I will put them into the first Q&A podcast.

I look forward to our community growing together.

Kathy x

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