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Kathy Mingo


Finding a Deeper Meaning

Kathy has only ever been found via word of mouth, and her waiting list is over a year long.
Kathy is an accomplished Aura Medium, Clairvoyant, Meditation Tutor - she specialises in Past Life Regression through shamanic healing and practices Metatronic Healing.
What does all of this actually mean? Click below     to find out more.
Despite her phenomenal abilities, Kathy is one of the most down to earth and humble people you will meet. If she is not at home surrounded by her cats, you will find her hunting for Crop Circles or searching for ghosts and eating cake.

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— Julie

Kathy has the most amazing gift. She immediately makes you feel comfortable & has a very approachable personality. She has on many times accurately known what challenges I am currently facing. I trust her completely as she always seems to know intuitively which path I should be guided to follow. I am grateful to have also had my aura photographed & this has helped me understand my spiritual journey. Thank you Kathy for all the support you have given me... I learn so much from you.

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