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11.11 Quantum portal

Opening to the 11.11 quantum energy.

In 2011 a lot of lightworkers/mediums/healers recognised the importance of the date 11.11.2011, which was to usher in a new spiritual paradigm shift in our understanding of consciousness. In our human history dates have been honoured and utilised for their magical and mystical qualities.

We are now 7 years on from this global awakening of quantum knowledge and this upcoming 11.11 at 11.11am is also very special. Many people are aware of the so-called Angel numbers of 11.11 and we often see this sacred number as conformation we are being cared for and protected by divine sources.

11.11 is thought to be an awakened DNA code number we often notice it in our daily lives on our mobile phones and clocks. Since the harmonic convergence of 1987 we have all been prepped for greater understanding of our divine truth and knowledge. Many mystics and esoteric teachers believe 11.11 is the code of conscious awakening and that when we recognise and take notice of these synchronicities, we are more open to accepting the true nature of our universe.

The universal energy works on the principals of polarity and duality. We cannot control the universe, we can only accept our place within it. According to numerology the number 11 possesses the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and idealism.

Some believe that 11.11 is somehow a split or tear in the time space continuum that needs heeding, as this means the holographic programme we are living in has somehow glitched. ( blog in December will be about the holographic programme we live in). Whatever you want to believe there is one undeniable truth, we could all do with a healthy dose of synchronised living, it helps us to feel connected to the universe and each other and makes for a much more magical way to live.

Materialism and perfection are a very one-dimensional way to exist, it serves no-one other than the person experiencing it. Collective consciousness living would bring us all a bit more into alignment not only with ourselves, but with this amazing beautiful planet we call home.

On November 11th this year, at 11.11am, make thanks to the universe for all that it provides for us and allow a much deeper understanding of our world into your life from that moment forward.

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Nov 09, 2018

Hi Kathy, many thanks for helping us all comprehend the power and magnitude of 11:11. Yes it will certainly make this Sunday an interesting day!!


11.11 is my birthday xxxx

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