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The Illumination Matrix

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

We are on the precipice of a massive global realigning to the higher matrixes, old outmoded dogmatic beliefs are falling away from behind the veil of the oppressive strata, and moving us forward, at warp speed it feels, to embracing an entirely new paradigm understanding.

With any shift in divine consciousness, the altering alchemical processes that have defined our modern world, division and resistance to the alchemical change inevitably transpires.

We experience a disconnection not only from each other, but also grapple with the modifying vibrational shifts in a myriad of ways, from denial of irresolute faiths of where we are in the world, to downright hypocrisy at our evolving and DEVOLVING freedoms that are being chocked off evermore by state sanctioned hyperbole.

Currently the galactic movement is one of transcendent wonder, and abject despondency, a paradoxical expression of the old grids falling and surrendering to the new Illumination Matrix.

The new matrix has the capacity, if we can all rise above the sanctioned fear, to illuminate the entire populous towards an entirely new existence. A harmonic convergence, the Rubicon point transcending ego into love.

This new passage of time is centred around us facilitating the absorption of this new luminosity, shedding our karmic density, and bravely moving into a light source withheld from to us for thousands of years.

I am forever humbled by my soul choice to incarnate at this time to help alleviate pain and suffering of our perception of who we are, why we are here, and embrace the holographic aspect of who I TRULY am, and what changes can be made when we shift from density into light.

The holders of the 3-dimensional programming, that are hell bent on destroying our faith, our joy to cultivate a world legacy that means something, can only ever work on the presumption that our apathy will prevail.

A wise man said, the only thing that destroys joy is apathy. The illumination matrix requires us to be brave and courageous, to embark on journeys of altruistic endeavour, but not for ego or self-flagellation, but from the deepest aspect of our hearts, a community essence that unifies not nullifies.

The old grids were useful for the time, to teach us perseverance, self-awareness, the need for conformity to ideals, but now we are asked to emancipate our ideals and seek a less divisive and disconnecting equation. The illumination has begun, the light has already prevailed, we need to seek our courage to catch up with the higher aspect of ethereal reality with all the fervour of a newly born star

Thoreau said “ The mass of men leads lives of quiet desperation” a dystopian opus that negates our choice to embrace a life that is only loaned to us, we owe it to ourselves and to each other, to live our lives with a purpose that transcends the material, the 3 dimensional and bring into focus a purpose that satisfies a need for humanity itself. We are all skin and bones, a mass of decaying flesh from moment of conception, so if we choose to truly live, we can lift the frequency of all those around us. That is what freedom will truly mean for us all.

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Kathy I choose to truly live and lift the frequency. Wise words as we go into Lionsgate. Xx


Jovi Hoonjan
Jovi Hoonjan
Aug 07, 2021

So beautifully written!

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