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2020 – The year the veils of illusion start to collapse.

Rumblings and rumours of disclosure are gaining steam as we hurtle towards a new decade. Many of these rumblings are about how governments and systems are about to collapse with the unveiling of a truth that many of us have known for years. Life-forms beyond this planet have been in regular contact and our understanding of our own earth history, scant at best, and in many cases, information has been held from the populous on purpose.

There is a paradoxical message within all of this of course, duality is the litmus test of the universe, so as we plunge into the knowing that we are part of a bigger universal hamlet, the nanny state has become acquiescent in the denial of free speech. A recent study and poll found that over half of young people under 21 thought that free speech should be controlled in what is called compliant conformity, as long as the echo chamber is reverberating within the diktat of homogenized thought and safe space, anyone out of the norm is then ridiculed and vilified or openly bullied.

Programmed control making people self-regulate the narrative of the time negating the need for anyone else to do it for them. Devastatingly clever if not psychotic.

Embracing what seems to be chaos is the theme for the coming year, the truth is starting to suppurate to the surface and self-responsibility is what is required to ride this cosmological wave.

They are calling 2020 the new renaissance of free thinking, a resurgence into the alchemical and the hermetic and bringing back to lives all that has been lost in our past, our mythology that will facilitate a metamorphosis of being and more importantly of unison with like-minded communities.

We are so lucky to be alive currently in antiquity. To truly appreciate the synchronicities that we, as a human Race ,discard as meaningless coincidences but in fact, are the invisible form of matter of light and density that ties us all together. Consciousness is changing to a paradigm shift, once seen as an abstract concept to most is almost becoming mainstream. No longer a word flown as a flag for new aged hippies but a serious contender even within the scientific communities as well.

We all need to unite as a collective soul to truly bring humanity from it knees to a position where we are able to see beyond the constraint of the illusion that has fogged us for the last few decades and to truly stand into the ray of the new vibrational light and embrace not only our individual power, but our power as a collective, a network of like-minded souls that refuse to be kicked out into the fringes of society.

I embrace all that I am and all that you are, we share the same sinew of corporeal form. “I sing the body electric” wrote Walt Whitman, this is true more know than ever, we are data, packets of electricity, light and sound that ripple through the world intertwined in reality, yet we are blissfully unaware of this. The need for us to keep our identity intact has become the holy grail of existence, yet if we truly adapted to the truth, that we are all just energy, we would not struggle as much with the irony of 21st century living. We are the unhappiest we have ever been even with all the convenience of our lives. The more we are given on tap, the less meaning it holds for the heart and soul. Trappings of the gilded cage from which we cannot fly free.

Free yourself from all of this and embrace the magical, the mystical and allow all that enchanted frequency to bathe you every day. We are the masters of our own destinies so we can choose to live this way, even if for a fleeting moment, it is the glimpse that the soul needs to thrive.

I am starting a Facebook community ( see, paradox once again) in which I hope you all join me where we can all have a voice that will not be squashed or mocked. If you go to the Facebook icon on the website, please join my page and through Facebook live events we can all learn from each other, and truly embrace the coming year and all the wonders that the truth will finally bring.

Kathy xx

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As an Indigo Adult the last year has been one of absolute chaos and turmoil but I believe that 2020 will be the year where sensitives are taken more seriously as the unveiling of TRUTH comes to the fore

Peace, love and light x


Nov 14, 2019

Thanks a trillion Kathy for a most brilliant article, helping us all prepare for the unraveling of the truth.

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