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20/20 vision. A new frequency to embrace.

As 2019 slips into the past to join the collective shards of many other years’ bygone, we all use the impending new decade to lament new promises to ourselves to be better, eat better. We are now being asked to use our desired wishes for a more unified reason.

2020 is different, not purely because we move into a new decade but also because the frequency being brought forward is one that we have not experienced before. It has a vibration that will supersede those of past years. The frequency that I have been given via channel is being touted as the renaissance era.

The governments/big pharma and programmed control systems, which in the last decade have been prominent are now cracked open for us all to examine and ultimately decide whether they are longer relevant. We will discern our own destiny and move beyond the back-biting divisions foisted upon us by the very systems that are crumbling like mirages in the desert.

Unified theories abound of us all joined by an invisible energy of consciousness yet due to us desiring this need for individuation and identity politics we have been unable to grasp the true and immense power we hold as a collective. Consciousness is purely who we are, what we are! Everything else is in fact pure perspective. Money and power the broker kings in the last three decades will be replaced by something far more powerful. Why is the measure of love loss? Must we have to experience the pain of loss to understand what we can gain? Surely to live a life that is steeped in integrity has more value than one that uses a litmus test of wealth and perceived power.

2020 is our chance to embrace these beautiful changes of vibration and to align ourselves more to the natural ebb and flow of the universe. Duality Is a constant companion to consciousness thought so countries, which also have a unique signature energetically, will also demand freedoms that have been denied them. With the light one can only ever accept the dark, this binary system of paradox that exists in every strand of breath we breathe and life we live.

As humanity expands and contracts as a mirror of the divine consciousness, as it has since time in memorial, if we can accept this flow instead of raging against it in the ultimate desire of controlling it we will understand that everything is as it should be, no more no less.

We are given a finite amount of time to be in this life and often become complacent to it, falsely believing we have time. We do not have time; it is only ever lent to us for us to learn lessons for our vibrational expansion. Time is its own paradox so use yours wisely. Fight the battles that can truly change a situation and drop those that are fuelled by the falsification of the ego, live and avoid just existing.

The ultimate power any one of us can have is eternal hope. Do not demand from the Earth, know that she is also just lending us her beauty as well. We are transitory beings trapped in a transitory husk that will ultimately fail and crumble like the mirage in the desert we are seeing now in civilization. We can leave an energetic imprint in our lives; I would prefer to leave one with meaning. Imprints can happen both ways, so always remember that dark and light exist within the same space.

Imagination and openness to divine mind can break us free from the controlled opiates of social media, mainstream media and other outlets placed into our conscious minds as the distorted preachers in the pulpit. We choose what we receive, so 2020 is the perfect Elysium to digest kinder, nicer and most probably truer conceptions.

Be brave and do not go gentle into that good night, surrender to the universe and see what cacophonies of synchronisations can appear. Realise you are imperfect, fallible, parts of a piece rather than a whole, as this will liberate the soul to its celestial understandings.

Join me on my Facebook page for live events discussing all types of things spiritual and energetic and I will be doing workshops during 2020 so all will be uploaded to the website.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for joining my website and supporting my community and wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kathy xx

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Happy New Year Kathy! Love your site! Thank you xx


Dec 29, 2019

Love this Kathy, thank you


Thank you Kathy. Very excited for 2020 and all it may bring for us all. Wishing you & your loved ones every happiness and look forward to hearing about your upcoming workshops...

Julie xxx


Merry Christmas to you Kathy, what a wonderful message to take into the new year. Can’t wait to see what happens xx

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