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Heading towards disclosure-Pre-emptive leaking of UFO evidence.

UFO evidence has long been a debatable question in the official realms but now within the last few months it seems that the same official agencies that have denied UFO or Aerial phenomena are now slowly leaking it into the public consciousness.

The ramifications of this disclosure are massive for all types of evidence that has been dismissed in the past, it will open many questions of reality and what our perception of our own reality is.

This is a known tactic of these agencies, flood a subject with conspiracy theory and disinformation but also slap a nugget of truth and that phenomena will then be self-regulated by the public. A clever ploy used for decades to keep the general public in the dark. Conspiracy theorists are just unhinged they say, so staple a nugget of truth to that ideology and it loses all credibility. Collective voices decry the information as bogus or the construction of a deluded mind and BINGO, people fear speaking out.

It is the same with anything out of the constricted norm, mediumship for example, cloud the evidence given with the strap line of cannot be proved and that then enables the closed minded to take the position of perceived truth and dismiss anything that could be channelled or remote viewed. For me that is dangerous territory indeed because it closes and aspect of debate or trust, yet religion is based on the aspect that it is founded purely on ones’ faith! As I often say to people who dismiss clairvoyance but say they believe in a higher power-I say, “Prove it!”

Project blue book, Project paperclip, Area 51, the Philadelphia experiment, shadow government, to name a small few that have been tagged lined as fantasy of the fringe movements that have ended up holding a lot of validity. AREA 51 was ridiculed for years, and now we all know it was in fact true.

Will the public be apologised to when the govts admit that they have known about UFOs for decades, and more than that, reversed engineered much of the technology?

I have been told for many years that full disclosure ( admitting from agencies that have abjectly denied such events to be a truth) and Linda Moulton Howe a journalist, recently on an interview said that full disclosure will happen by Jan 2020.

This week the US Airforce effectively admitted that the TIC TAC video was in fact genuine and they have had 3 incidences of real UFO activity. See link below for the video from the US Airforce of the TIC TAC ufo footage.

This will open a huge can of worms regarding our assessment of what our reality is, our place within the universe itself and the notion that, if this has been denied for decades what else is true that has been ridiculed and censored.

My partner brought up such a good point, that 20/20 vision could ironically mean in 2020 we will know more of universal truth and the true aspect nature of our place within a co-created matrix.

My heart goes out to all those people who in the past have been derided for what they have seen and bullied into a false narrative that made them second guess their own sanity. I am hoping that going forward there will be a much more open minded approach from many sides, science included that will vindicate the decades of denial that have effectively kept us from having a much deeper more esoteric understanding of this amazing cosmos we ALL call home.

I will disclose my own experience for you, I was living in a flat and my partner at the time had their brother staying with us as well. Due to the small space he was sleeping in the front room.

We had not been drinking and the night seemed to hold nothing special.

I awoke at around 3am, judging by my clock, and all I saw was this massively incandescent light shining through the slated blinds of my bedroom window, the light was odd, at first I thought there was a helicopter shining a search light in the window, but there was no noise, and the light seemed somewhat to rotate, it was blinding. I could not arouse my partner from sleep and next thing the radiators in the entire flat seemed like they were banging off the walls. The noise was something I had never heard before or experienced since. There seemed to be a high-pitched resonance as well.

I put it down to too much cheese and a lucid dream ( see justifying it again, our psyche really is programmed towards a narrative doesn’t it)

The next morning, I felt very much like the dream was still with me and tried to shake it off, only to have my partners brother say “ What the hell was that last night, that light and banging noise was deafening”

Perhaps we had the same dream or maybe, just maybe, something special occurred that night but I will never know, since that day, her brother and I never spoke of it again.

We are hurtling towards a future that some might deem scary, I will embrace it with all I have because regardless of what the truth is, or how unpalatable to some it might be, at least we will have a broader perspective other than what Governments or politicians tell us, because as we are all finding out, Department Regimes and politicians are not really the bastions of morality we should be looking too.

Sky watch with an open mind and an open heart


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1 Comment

Hazel Mead
Hazel Mead
Sep 26, 2019

Thanks for this Kathy. I had my own experience and I will not be shut down. I know what I experienced and I know my own truth. Happy days!!!

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