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Divine consciousness without the ego-mind.

Consciousness is merely an understanding that we, as individuals, are aware that there is something much more profound beyond the constraints of the ego-mind.

The ego-mind is driven by the desire to keep individuality and to separate us from each other, I personally see it as an ownership over the body, that creates this illusion that we are all individual in our pursuits and goals, yet in vibrational reality we are one, called oneness!

Tony Parsons, a teacher in consciousness when it was unfashionable to be so, states that the Indian philosophy Advaita, suggests that there is no separation and it is merely an illusion.

According to Parsons, Consciousness is something that just is, it doesn’t happen to us, rather than sits at the apex of US, no effort is required to exist in this state of aliveness, you either get it, or you don’t. Simplistic in nature, but exceedingly hard to reconcile for the ego-mind, as that requires a deep sense of self belonging to function.

Let us imagine a world where individuality is frowned upon and that a collective will, a combined desire for all to co-create with the universal flow exists!

That realisation is about aligning and wakening to non-individuality. Enlightenment would happen if you allowed the sense of ego self to not be present. A world like that would revolve around the fact that we would all be a part of consciousness and that we would help, rather than hinder the progress of others. A voidal space of which we are intrinsically bound and intrinsically belong. It is said that we are not just drop in the ocean, we ARE the ocean, this would dovetail perfectly with the egoless mind concepts.

We live in a programme, a mind-controlled state, where media and peers dictate the way we think, so this conceptualisation would perhaps be an absence of true thought?

We are bound in this recent century to morph to the idea of self, that we are somehow different from each other, no cohesion with our perceptual differences, we applaud our individual uniqueness, we war and fight to demand rights for ourselves, our culture groups, we celebrate the fact that individual gains are somehow linked to success, and anyone surrendering to the group in business is weak and malleable. Maybe this surrender into non-identified consciousness would lead to a kinder, gentler existence for all. Taking communism aside (this is dictated by politics, of which NOTHING IS TRUE REAL OR MORAL), we are governed by a deep-seated desire to become polarised by choice. In a world that thrives on virtue signalling into identity politics, it would take the whole world to adhere to this theory for change to truly exist, but if just a few people could adopt this as a way of being, one person could, would perhaps, change the world.

I believe that actually, our individuality is how we EXPRESS the oneness, and as lovely as the oneness is, we are forced into a false belief system, that our individuality defines who we are, rather than perhaps, what we are; however I truly believe that if we could, within humanity, take a little of this belief, we could aspire to a much greater more functional world.

Vibrational medicine sits within the framework of quantum entanglement, that everything that has ever existed on an atomic level, will be forever entwined, death cannot occur and energy within itself is infinite, the self does not need to know this, it just IS….I am therefore I think, I think therefore I am, perhaps I exist, therefore I am is more apt.

Shakespeare wrote “We know what we are but know not what we may be” his words are alchemical sigils that can open the cosmic knowledge within ourselves. I guess to thine own self be true!

The concept of the mindless life is a beautiful one, a nirvanic Elysium, that sadly, does not translate in our corporeal world, but if one time, we use this philosophy for the greater good, then we have added frequency to the source from which we all come.

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