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Dream meshing-Telepathy between dreamers, or joining of consciousness?

Lucid dreaming and dream precognition are a topic very close to my heart. Our dreams are extraordinary tools that help us solve problems without attachment to the ego mind. The shamans of North and South America used the prophecy of dreams as accesses to vital information for the collective good of the tribe. Dreams were as tangible to them, as the events that unfolded within their real lives. Stories of dream journeys and astral sojourns striate throughout Hopi and Mesoamerican mythologies, not as allegorical events, but as communications between the higher realms and them.

I have already done a blog on lucid dreaming but wanted to take it a stage further into the new developing understanding of the new frequencies and consciousness being unveiled at this time.

I have had communication with a child two years before she was even conceived. I was told things by this child that have been scarily accurate. The persons for whom that child was in communication with are dear friends now, this child has orchestrated that we become entwined in each other’s lives. We are, as she called us, SOUL PODS, a group of roughly thirty-two people who incarnate with each other repeatedly, to experience the full gamut of human emotion from every angle.

How is it possible to speak to a child that has not even been thought of, let alone conceived?

I have pondered this quandary for years, was I siphoning psychic information? or was I, as I truly believe, in communication with an energy using consciousness to tell me prior to her existence, that she would exist!

It’s the antitheses of past life, it is pre-life! Many will say, this was believed into being, that the seed was planted in the head of the receiver, who then went on to have the exact child mentioned?

If that is the case, this has happened to me more than once. A child specifically told me they would be born with a strawberry mark on the forehead, their gender and other specifics, also before conception. All bore out as factual after birth! Coincidence or providence?

Consciousness is a very broad term for the totality energy, we are only now beginning to understand how complex, and weird consciousness and quantum physics truly are. It is effectively a frequency band of which we are unable to understand, or even comprehend in its entirety.

We are only privy to a very small spectrum of vision and understanding in our human frame. 0.1 percent of dimensional perception is all we can see, we have not yet developed full spectrum sight.

We have become, I would say in the last one hundred years, reliant on the five senses. Advanced civilisations that flourished and survived, were open and receptive to higher senses. A shaman in those times would be respected and revered, these days we are suspicious and wary of anything that is not wrapped up in the corporeal vision. Strange then, that almost 70 percent of humanity believes in a god, of which they take on pure faith alone! Selective perception perhaps.

Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process, discarded the brain as a useless vessel, nevertheless kept the heart in place, as they believed, that only the heart and its knowledge will help the person travel safely and wisely to its next incarnation. We believe the brain holds all the answers in this epoch of humanity. Brains are attached to a sense of status and respect. University degrees and higher education espoused as the elixir for success, without these accolades, we are deemed worthless or less successful. Parliament is chocked to the rafters with these types, yet I do not see anything there to aspire to, or even emulate nor should the next generation. THAT is another blog, for another time!!

So, when we can understand that we are limited to the senses, but not ruled by them, maybe we can start to accept that communication happens in consciousness all the time.

The child I referred to at the start, has now been born, and is the most delightful, beautiful soul ever. She is only 9 months, so has not started to talk yet, but she has often been in my dreams and imparted some nuggets of information that a child could not possibly contemplate of. Last week, I was lucid dreaming, and she entered my dream, within the context of her own Lucid dreaming, I knew that she was influencing my dream and I coexisting with hers. We were consciously (if that can be the term) making decisions together within the dream, it was a powerful feeling, and one I will NEVER forget. This meshing required no thought at all. We were entangled within the filaments of light that creates the world that we were creating together.

Dream meshing is a rare event. There can be collective dream information amongst groups. There is a lot of evidence that in the months prior to 9/11 there were many reports of groups of people, even strangers all dreaming of the same thing, planes crashing into building etc. But these were separate events dreamt solely, not integrating with each other’s dreams. I have a theory about the preceding months before 9/11 that is too long to go into here, but I will podcast it next week.

The astral state is the link to consciousness, the oneness, the collective knowing, so dream meshing brings two souls together to allow an element of soul control within the dream sequence.

I want to try with her, when she is older to do a scientific experiment where the joining of dreams and information can be proved. I believe lucid dreaming is a form of NDE (near death experience) or astral projection.

Many people who have had a near death experience, talk of the same feelings during it.

One man wrote, after his near-death experience “everything from the beginning, my birth, my ancestors, my children, my wife, everything comes together simultaneously. I saw everything about me, and about everyone who was around me, I saw everything they were thinking now, what they thought then, what was happening before, what was happening now. There is no time, there is no sequence of events, no such thing as limitation, of distance, of period, of place. I could be everywhere I wanted to be simultaneously”

Scientists devalue NDE’s as the brain that releases certain chemicals after death, or at time of death. There is much anecdotal evidence that NDE’s are very real.

As with dreams we must take more credence to what they are expressing to us about not only our subconscious mind, but also the clues into the future of all our lives.

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Wow. I had no idea about dream meshing - your dream sounds incredible! Love your writing. Thank you for expanding my consciousness! X


Jan 22, 2019

Many thanks for such a thought provoking edition, looking forward to the continuation of these fascinating arenas.

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