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Lucid Dreaming

Expanded consciousness-Tapping into the astral dream log.

Thank you for subscribing to my website I hope to develop it a lot more going forward and to bring as much relevant information as I can.

I was undecided on my first blog content should be but as fate would have it, it was decided for me. Always the way when we are living and open to the synchronistic flow of the universe.

Scholars and philosopher’s in antiquity placed an enormous amount of credence to the value of dream information, in the West we have lost connection with the universal energy, so often dismiss dream data as just a sequence of chaotic information strands with little or no basis.

Scientific studies on dream and astral states regarding consciousness are not very well documented so in terms of validity in the Western world, the information we receive whilst “asleep” would not warrant any excitement.

Personally, for me at least, I have gained massive insight into my own health, emotional state, and knowledge about the higher consciousness world whilst in lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the practice of becoming aware you are in a dream and to control certain aspects of it and make decisions in the dream. Conscious control of the subconscious.

After a lovely night with friends and a bit of energy work (champagne and a battered mars bar were also consumed, which is now hotly debated might be a recipe for mind expansion, who needs ayahuasca eh!) I go to sleep and enter lucid dream state. The account below is a taster tapestry that we will knit together so we can highlight the wonder of the non-locality consciousness.

I am with a group of people and hovering around the height of the treetops is a “doorway”. This doorway is more like a framed portal, around the rim of the frame are translucent spinning spheres, 10 in all ( we will get back to that later) there is a prism of light pouring from the door and we are instructed by an unseen voice to go through the portal, we were told we could not use a ladder so we had to levitate towards this portal. Interestingly in masonic belief Jacobs ladder is the connection between the earth and heaven that Jacob dreams about during his flight from brother Esua, in the book of Genesis.

After a lot of trials, I manage to transcend toward the portal and go through it, (any dreams about portals often means leaving the corporeal constrictions of the earth plane and going into consciousness). I am instructed again by the unseen voice that I can pick any time to go back too, or forward too, with the proviso that I am not allowed to be a passive observer only an active participant. There is a long dial like apparatus, akin to an old snooker score board, the dials are very small and encompass a 12 sided star ( more relevance towards mystical information) and the dial had the number 233….I am now actively lucid dreaming, I pick to go to 1577 and in an instantaneous movement find myself in a heavy smelly cloak, I know I am still me but at the same time feel I am also this person, usual dream state mean we observe the sequence, this felt different. My hands were stubby and hairy, and I was experiencing smells and colours. I understood that time at this point was suspended…. time does not exist, we are only the moment we are experiencing right now, there is no future or no past, its not a demarcation point we can measure, time is not a value.

I am told that the infinite universe is observable as we must become it to understand it, we must become it to know it, but to know it is to become it.

Our everyday lives are just a parody of what we want mentally, I am therefore I think, or is it I think therefore I am? I propose a new philosophy, I am therefore I exist.

The dream went through various times, never forward though, my choice to not have perceived notions of my future perhaps? And as always with any type of esoteric siphoning’s, I was rudely brought back to the earth by my Siamese cat Bodhi, who decided that my astral travels were detracting from my attention towards him!

Regarding the 10 translucent spheres on the frame…Superstring theory states that there are 10 vibrational dimensions in the universe to maintain the mathematical fit for their theorems in what is called spacetime

Was I dreaming? Was I indeed, as I believe, conversing with the dimensional energy or was it something else entirely? Answers on a postcard please, but do not date it, as I am now going with the theory time is merely an illusion and I am willing to take a chance and allow the universe to work for my ascension. In one word…I must surrender!

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