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Mediumship and channelling, the way to delve into the divine consciousness information!

In my many years of doing the work that I do, I am often asked the same question repeatedly? How do you connect to spirit?

For me, I have always had an innate connection that sits beyond the mind. The mind is the biggest barrier to connection with higher energies. Often people tend to over think and over analyse what I believe is a very natural process of listening beyond the boundaries of PERCEPTION.

We are constantly bombarded with illusionary cues and prompts from the world we live in. Being told that connection beyond the mind is paranormal, other worldly or to some satanic, places this block to consciousness, that many are fearful to challenge. The world at the moment is built on material possessions and a very narrow band of view of consciousness.

We must open up all of our sight and intuition to experience the full flow of our existence. We can only see 0.1 percent of our universe, so why are we so willing to accept the conservative narrative that there is nothing beyond ourselves?

There is EVERYTHING beyond ourselves. Religious texts and codices are littered with experiential information about connection to other realms, angelic for instance. I am sometimes challenged by the religious sect over what I do, my answer to them is always the same, I say “ do you believe in God? “ the unequivocal answer is always strongly resonated to my impudence to even ask “ Of course” they say, “ Prove it “ I say.

Therein lies the issue people face, we are allowed to have faith in religion, without any proof other than allegorical texts and bibles, but cannot possibly have faith in communication beyond the grave. It seems like a very inconvenient truth to accept faith in one context, but deny it in another?

I believe in God, but I believe in a God that is omnipresent for ALL, and that we can have connection to that willingly and easily, if we allow ourselves to fully immerse within the knowledge that the universe and the consciousness is infinite possibility, it takes that question who is entitled to have this information, to the collective.

I believe that mediumship and psychic awareness is just about tapping into the higher frequencies that the mind cannot control. So many people say to me, that they have a knowing thought, and they then dismiss it and allow the information to be distorted by the conscious mind, this then loses its accuracy.

Technology and the way of life for all of us is not conducive to natural communication, with ourselves, spirit or even the earth we live on. We are utterly disconnected to our primal and instinctiveness, and the simple matter is, it is purely about reasserting that connection to these, that help facilitate channel and mediumship. We ALL have the ability. Time to switch off the mind!

I do not call myself a medium, however in most of my readings I will connect to people from my clients past that have crossed over, or higher or evolved spirits connected to their spiritual ascension. I will do another blog going into a much deeper aspect to this that sits on the holographic principle but for now, lets keep it simple.

My ten tips for you all to be able to either start your psychic connection or enhance it.

1) Stop allowing your mind to take control, trust your GUT!

2) Meditate to help the conscious mind to let go.

3) RESEARCH a lot of different spiritual principles, knowledge is key!

4) Take yourself away from media or social media each day, it is toxic to our connection.

5) RELAX and do not pressure your connection Psychic ability is not about perfection of information, but about the connection ITSELF.

6) Take self-responsibility for the information you do get, not every message received is meant to be given.

7) Have fun and do not take it so seriously, life is meant to hold joy not frustration.

8) READ a lot, books and knowledge are a great way to enhance your passion for this topic.

9) Try to understand that your life right now, is just one of many lifetimes you have had, or will continue to have. Energy never dies.

10) Link to like minded people, who will not dent your progress with their beliefs. ( many people stop accelerating their knowledge and gifts, because of ridicule of others.

This life we have now is just a micro experience of what the totality of our existence is, so go and experience as much as you can. Try not to placate others who do not understand or mock it. This is YOUR path in life, do not let anyone dull your spirit.

I am doing a one-day workshop with Shirley O’Donoghue from Lucis college in Wiltshire on Sunday July 21st so we can connect to our ancient past, immerse ourselves within the sacred landscape of Wiltshire, make earth essences, learn to channel and MUCH MUCH more. We will be basking in the energy of the Alton Barnes white horse, and just 5 minutes away from one of the most prolific crop circle areas in the world. (

we will go into a crop circle if there is one in close proximity, and weather permitting) Booking details will be launched next week so you can book from the website. NOT TO BE MISSED.

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