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Mediumship and me-My journey with spirit.

I usually avoid the topic of mediumship and tend towards the more dimensional and consciousness themes, but I thought that discussing my journey with mediumship might be helpful to any of you pursuing your own path to this, and ultimately to the realisation that spiritual practices are encompassed within the framework of consciousness, in fact they are one in the same.

As a child I was very imaginative, my mind was awash with the ethereal and the magical, I ran everywhere and was generally called happy go lucky. My imagination was purely natural to me and I thought nothing of losing hours and hours within the context of my own mind. I was an avid reader and thirsted for knowledge, I still do.

Once, during a camping trip in Cornwall when I was young, I went “missing” only to be found by my sister with our black whippet at the time called Lizzy Dripping having an imaginary dog show, complete with guests, other dogs competing and a brass band! Time was easily lost in this meditative world.

This imagination was what I now believe to be a way of surpassing the mind and allowing the stream of consciousness to naturally flow through me. I can somehow allow the mind to release when I am channelling or tuning in.

I have always been Psychic ( intuitive and prophetic) but my mediumship career really started when I was at Quest when it was in Ewell Village, the psychic had not turned up that day and I was asked if I would step in at short notice. I knew that whatever happened I needed the client to lie down, and that I would intuitively work through their auric field.( As I have developed, I know call myself an aura profiler, as the auric layers hold a litany of information, that can be decoded and deciphered)

The client lay down and all I saw were pins and screws in their neck and spine, I was convinced, but he kept saying no Kathy I havent. I connected with his loved ones that had passed and thought no more of the Pins and screws information. Two days later the client was hit by a truck when he was on his motorbike, and came back to me with a head halo, as his whole neck and some spine were pinned and screwed together as I had foretold. He was fine by the way, but he kept calling me the witch for years after.

After that I grew into my role as aura medium profiler. Spirit to me are perhaps an echo resonate memory of their former life, a holographic memory that still holds their personality and traits the client would recognise from their live with them.

I often though, get prophetic information about the future that very often transpires, so I now think that we are in touch with the divine source when our loved ones connect with us though a medium, or even in dream state.

I have had all sorts come through in my long career, I have had victims of terrorism and murder, suicides and long drawn out deaths, those thankful to be over, and those that think they were taken too soon, but one theme strands throughout every message given from them. LIVE, and live with a vigour that you must embrace each and every moment, never have I heard from anyone I wish I had earnt more money or worked more.

They say I wish I had loved more, spent more time listening to you, or making you feel safe. Many retire and die shortly after, perhaps the body is so automated in life during work, that when retirement comes, the body lets go and relaxes. Our loved ones are never lonely or bored, they are in infinite peace, a feeling perhaps only death can truly bring.

I know through people telling me that I have offered hope when all seemed lost, humour in a time when grief was swallowing them whole and recognition that death is merely a transition of the soul into a new frequency. You have no need to fear death, or contact from spirit, we are all connected in the consciousness and are never parted.

As I delve more into the higher spiritual work, I am always reminded by spirit that however far we journey into our understanding of enlightenment, they walk next to us silently until that time they can reach for us when we transition into our new incarnation.

Death is a surrender not an acquiescence, and the one thing we all have in common. The elephant in the room, often death is this taboo subject that does not easily fall from our lips.

Let us embrace the fecundity of life and live every moment we can just as our loved ones would want, as they watch us and steer us to a better life. Even when life is hard and we feel we have been abandoned by those across the veil, they are still their watching and holding our energy.

If you are grieving right now, allow yourself that pain and sadness, but try not to let it define your years going forward, and remember that upon your own passing you will be guided through the light just as they were. Its how it has always been and will always be.

This is only a brief recant of what I have seen and heard during my mediumship channel, but I hope it can offer a slight insight into this very natural world.


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