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Moving beyond the fear frequency-Freeing ourselves towards the positive outcome!

Everything in the universe is equated to a vibration and a frequency. Energy moves within the dimensionality of existence, yet our existence is essentially of our own choosing. We determine our own reality to a certain degree.

Our world right now is surviving upon the rationale of fear and constriction, daily we are flooded with imagery that shapes the way we VIBRATE in the world. Quantum frequency or vibration is held in the atomic structures of our very being, we are like a violin string at our atomic level, and that energetic signature that we omit, is the one that either enhances or repels what we truly desire. Have you ever wondered why sometimes, whatever you do in your mind and thought, the outcomes always result in the same thing, this is evidence of the fear frequency at work.

Fear is a very real thing emotionally, but at the heart of it, we can choose to not be afraid. Politics and largely dogmatic religions use this frequency to control others, we are more susceptible to control if we are in bondage to fear. We all possess the alchemy to alter our own destinies.

Each soul vibrates at its own unique regularity, I like to think of it, as the DNA code we enter the firmament realm with. In my line of work, I would say that most souls emitted frequency sits within a band of 500hz to 17,000 hertz (this means if you could hear the sound or tone of another person, it would sit within a frequency band) The higher the frequency the lighter the energy that surrounds it.

Fear resonates on a frequency that is lower, called infrasound, this is below the rang of human hearing, that starts at 20 hertz. An engineer called Vic Tandy was the pioneer of associating frequency bands to emotions. Incidentally the sound of a tiger’s roar is 19 hertz, also associated with fear.

A frequency is the movement of sound wave within the surrounding structures, the quicker the soundwave, the higher the frequency.

Royal Raymond Rife was an inventor from USA who studied at John Hopkins and created the rife machine, which uses certain hertz frequencies to disable certain medical conditions.

Wikipedia states “Rife also reported that a 'beam ray' device of his invention could destroy the pathogens. Rife claimed to have documented a "Mortal Oscillatory Rate" for various pathogenic organisms, and to be able to destroy the organisms by vibrating them at this particular rate

I myself have Lyme disease that I got from a tick whilst working at a summer camp in California, so I have used certain frequencies to disrupt the spirochete from organising itself. This has worked for me.

All TV channels work on a very low frequency, any wonder then, that as TV and especially WIFI and energy disrupters are gaining control over all our lives, we are descending into a lower vibrational world.

The symptoms of infrasound on the human being are as follows, tingling in extremities, buzzing and distortion in ears, dizziness and vertigo, anxiety and depression, stomach and digestive issues.

As children of my era, we spent an inordinate amount of time outside, these days children are cooped up like battery hens, fixated on screens, phones, and self-indulgence, yet they are the unhappiest group in decades! To have all means nothing, if there is no true purpose value placed upon it.

There is a counter balance to everything in life, as the world operates within a polarity state of consciousness. Many believe that what is called the miracle hertz, can be used to rid the body, spirit and mind of this restricting fear frequency.

This is aptly named miracle frequency vibrates at 528 hertz. The solfeggio scale is a reference point for this. See this link for all the frequencies you can use.

Sound healing is also a great tool to help rid one selves of frequencies that trap within the body and soul. I will be doing a podcast, with sound healing bowls to illustrate this blog, so you can utilise each scale to clear each chakra point. As 5G is starting to come to the forefront, the disabling and scrambling effect of this will become evident. There is a lot written about how divisive 5G will end up being part of much health and mental health disruptions going forward.

So how then, do we bring our own energies higher to break free of this bombardment of frequencies that bring us into tyranny and fear.

We must arm ourselves with a frequency of love and harmony, to negate the bombardment we face daily.

How to negate fear within your life.

SURRENDER everything up to the universal flow, understand we have no control over that others do.

RELEASE any negative emotions and people as much as you possibly can, if someone around you makes you feel worthless, or take you for granted, it is OK to put your own spiritual health first.

TAKE TIME OUT from vacuous social media platforms/TV/broadsheets, and especially news stations these are true promoters of the fear frequency, nothing sells copy like a good dose of fear!

SURROUND yourself in nature whenever possible, the ancient hum of the landscape can reinvigorate a weary jaded soul.

READ and absorb as much open-minded information as you can, book readers are, on average, a happier bunch.

MEDITATE with a few of the releasing and relinquishing vibrations, 787 HERTZ is a wonderful tone to lift anxiety.

You can also place a crystal grid in your house or room. Here is one I did for some friends, who were having trouble with some denser energy in their flat!

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Nailed it Kathy - exactly what I am teaching students on Advanced Crystal Therapy course right now. Cant wait to see what our joint workshops bring up xs

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