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New year - Time for hope

As the clock ticks over from this year to our new year, we are reminded that we all exist within the constraints of time. We use the premise of the new year to organise a consortium of vows made in the weary hope we can change ourselves for the better.

Juicers and gym memberships fly off the shelves in vain anticipation of new year new you. Gym treadmills smoke under the laborious illusion that we can rid ourselves of extra pounds from a self-masochistic bender over the Christmas period. All these things are fine, if in concordance with this we also change our true self, our soul self.

And what of time? Time is an illusion according to theoretical physicists, it is merely a guide to assign order to society. We garner our time though clocks and phones, we meet at a certain time, of which creates a wonderful sense of order. Time is also a weapon, it detracts from independence from social pressure, Surely Jan 1st on any given year, is another day, we could change our lives any day of the year, yet a huge majority will vow on that day that things will be better. Will they?

Time is not a given, we are lent time, and how we use it becomes who we are, who we become. In my line of work, I have never ever heard someone from spirit say, I wish I had worked more, earned more. I find the opposite to be true, most say I wish I loved more, cared more and judged less


Time is linear, we can only quantify time through our perception of its existence. It is about how we choose to spend our time. Longevity wins out over substance. Why is the measure of success wealth or fame? Success can permeate beyond the boundary fence of perceptive time. 2019 is purported to be the year of renaissance, a year for flowing creativity and change, a metamorphic year to move into wholeness and spiritual luminosity. Desperation into inspiration.

I choose to inspire, not deflate. I choose to make intercessions to those who don’t deserve them. I choose truth over falsities. I choose my own free mind over the herd mentality. I choose these not out of piousness but altruism, rather to amend the vibration we are living in. I choose not to be mortally offended by someone else’s opinion, for our views are merely that, perceptions steeped in upbringing and societal moulding. I choose free speech, and even though I might not agree with someone else’s view, surely, I should fight to the death for their freedom to express it?

As we lurch ever faster into the hallowed vacuum of fear and pain, as a collective, we can indeed join our minds and souls together and change the preceptive world forever. Time requires brave voices and strong wills. I choose HOPE OVER FEAR.

This is a new year’s resolution for humanity. I do not just want to change myself for the good of me but change myself for the good of all. As Tennyson wrote in the beautiful ode Ulysses….” We are one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, yet strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

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