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Past life information-A holographic design or true memory?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

We have all experienced that déjà vu, or familiar feeling we get sometimes, whether for a moment in time, or for a place we have never visited but somehow know! A feeling upon meeting someone for the first time, that you trust them implicitly or you will be in each other’s lives from that moment onwards. Past life memory has been discussed and theorised for centuries. Literary opuses bulge with notional “coincidences” of proof of an existing life, or anecdotal flukes that defy logic.

Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” and as quantum theory dictates, time and perception of reality is merely a manmade construct. Our universe is only observable when we look at it. The concept of observable universe and the holographic universe, at the very heart of it, suggests that nothing is impossible and there are infinite possibilities every moment.

Stephen Hawking’s favourite chat up line to woo unsuspecting Cambridge undergrads was “Have you got the time?” Young gradyou have a watch, you know the time”, “no not my time, but YOUR time”

Fundamentally time is not the stagnant constant we trust it to be, so thinking that past life memory or lives are not possible, is frankly a desperate blinkered view, to keep the status quo we are all suffering under right now.

We need to release ourselves from the bounds of orthodox views, and embrace a more holistic view of our lives, within this paradoxical universe we call home.

Before I became what I am now, I trained in Past Life Regression therapy at the European College of Hypnotherapy under Dr Keith Hearne and am a trained Past Life regressionist.

One of my first clients I saw had a phobia of bathroom mirrors of all things, and wanted to release it from her psyche, as her husband was tiring of having to hang a towel over their mirror at home.

As we journeyed via hypnosis to her past incarnation, she described a scene she was seeing. She was a small scruffy child, and had illegally entered into a lovely Victorian home ( we believed it to be Victorian times) She (client) fixated in that life time that her bare feet were dirty, so she went into that house and saw a lovely bathtub, as she was in the bathroom, there was a mirror on the wall, she saw behind her in the mirror, a man who ended up strangling her, and her view of this was through that mirror. After that session she no longer had that fear.

The mind creating a scenario to help let go of something that holds her back, or a true memory?

My own experience of my past life was intriguing. I had my regression in America, so many years before I trained in it myself. I was a fighter pilot in WW2, I was in my plane, which had a rudder cable over my head, it was a cramped cockpit, and I had a photo of my beloved nestled in the instrument panel. I saw a plane heading towards my eye line in the regression and I was shot right in the chest, I tried to pull the rudder cable but to no avail. It felt very real to me at the time of the session.

Many years later I was diagnosed with a Patent Foramen Ovale, which is a hole in the heart. When I was talking to my heart surgeon, just before surgery to close the hole I said to him, “OMG I was shot in the heart in my past life and now I have a Past life wound”! (Heads up to anyone that is open and honest when it comes the medical professional, he asked me if I needed a psychiatric counsel! when it comes to western medicine, any theory that is not submerged in stony science, is better off to be non-verbalised)

Past life wounds can often leave birth marks upon the skin of a person in the current life time. Scars and strawberry marks, or what would be deemed as irregularities, might often, have past life connections. Psychical disabilities or random pains or quirks often coincide with past life trauma.

My nephew when he was 3 or 4 years old, would always say to us “when I was a man in the war”, he of course after 5 years old stopped those type of musings, as children when they get to five years old, start to, sadly I believe, socially condition to allow acceptance from peers. The child’s brain is a malleable thing, open to the infinite possibility the universe holds. Once the brain starts to socially condition it starts to set fast, and those thought processes start to solidify. Is it not true the older we become the more conformist our minds and thoughts are!

If, as quantum theory states and as string theory states, energy never dies, it is just an infinite expression of the divine universe, then only when we are open enough to relate to all the dimensional information, can we truly know ourselves in the world.

We are all part of the same sphere, nothing is disconnected, we are all unified, so that means that EVERYTHING we have ever been is also unified. We most deduce then, that thoughts and matter and emotions are also privy to this same logic.

I will be doing a past life on a dear friend who has agreed for me to record it so I can podcast it, so you can all hear one for yourselves, and hopefully it will inspire you to go on your own quest for your past knowledge, but also your future knowledge too.

Whether my memories are real, or part of this huge holographic projection seems irrelevant, because if I can release emotion and gain access to higher knowledge, it will be beneficial to my soul’s progress on Earth.

One more thing to add to this plethora of data, most people believe that they have been someone famous in the past, like Cleopatra, Brutus or any other kind of flavourful character from mythology. I have never met anyone doing a regression who has been remotely famous or illustrious, I have however had a third class passenger from the Titanic, who due to rather weighty woollen clothing sadly met there fate in the icy cold shivers of the Atlantic, on the plus side, their crippling fear of water and drowning dissipated after that session never to return.

There is a book called Many Lives Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss and it is a good introduction to this topic should you wish to jump down the rabbit hole of energy!

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1 Comment

Sue Porter
Sue Porter
Feb 07, 2019

I find this whole subject very interesting Kathy, when I came to see you earlier this year, you recommended the book Many lives many masters & I found it a fascinating read. Thanks xx

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