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The Earths Ley Lines and Chakras-Realigning to our future consciousness.

Much like the bodies meridian points and grid, the earth too has her own grid system that lies within energy matrixes called ley lines, or earth lines! There are seven associated chakra points unified with the Earth’s geomancy as well, but during channel I was told there are now 10 chakra points (I suspect many more) that harness the totality of the worlds natural power. The old system purported that the associated human chakra points system overlaid the world like this according to Robert Coon. Though still very relevant, due to movements and of course, frequency changes from humanity and our understand of the evolvement of consciousness, I am proposing a few alterations, and three new added points.

Robert Coon points

Root (1st) Chakra- Mt. Shasta, California.

Sacral (2nd) Chakra- Lake Titicaca Peru (but also includes Machu Picchu).

Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra- Uluru and Kata Tjuta Australia (twin monolithic sites).

Heart (4th) Chakra- Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England.

Throat (5th) Chakra- Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives, Middle East.

Third Eye (6th) Chakra- Mobile Chakra, shifts every 150-200 years, currently coincides with world heart chakra in Western Europe.

Crown (7th) Chakra- Mt. Kailas, Himalayan Mountains, Tibet.


I believe that we have evolved as a species spiritually, and with that evolution comes the progression of our earth system….

Here is my new channelled understanding ( though nothing in the consciousness is new, just forgotten and then remembered) Earth Chakra system, which has shifted slightly.

ROOT (1st) chakra Still Mt Shasta and the surrounding ancient redwoods, which are holding the energy of the rest of the points, for the time of when the craton layers (top layers of Earth’s crust) shift exponentially for what they are calling the new Atlantis emergence.

Sacral (2nd) chakra Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Pumapunku , this is the cradle point which allows the ancestral energy to flood the earth with the shamanic energy of the duality of light and dark. It can shed and harness the strong electro-magnetic forces that frequency changes in the last decade have amplified.

Solar plexus ( 3rd) chakra Uluru, Kata Tjunta and Alice springs are all conjunct to the new solar plexus energy, that embodies the purity of the Gaia energy, untainted, and from the ORIGINAL species on Gaia, the springs are now included as they are the holders of the water from the sacred lake in the arid surrounds. Water is the conduit for a lot of energy movement as the Earth electromagnetic frequencies heighten.

Heart (4th) and Upper heart chakra( slightly above heart point, called the Khemetic chakra point) Glastonbury, Silbury Hill and Silbaby This chakra is the most important for the rise and wakening of humanity within the unity of the Avalon sphere and St Michael ,Mary ,Bridget and Arimathea ley lines that traverse through the southwest ( more on that later) Silbaby is a much smaller earth mound near Silbury hill, and is not known what it is, and why it is there, barely noticed, there is an eerie alignment with the Giza plateau, and his area. Silbury is called the English pyramid.

Throat (5th) Chakra- Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives, Middle East. Remains the same as the original energy matrix, the point of which the axis is rooted, usually associated with speech, this has now become the place of divine telepathy, there is no shock that these areas in the frequency low band width we are in right now, are struggling with oppression. The truth lies within the fabric of our destiny here. The key to the worlds understanding will probably come from here later in our history.

Third Eye (6th) Chakra- Mobile Chakra( shifting chakra) now the point has migrated toward Newgrange Neolithic site and where Hy-Brasil was in the Emerald Isle , going all the way down to Carnac stone avenues in Northern France. This large and VORTEXUAL point stirs the energy for consistent renewal and revitalisation. Gaia, if you will, speaks through these points and holds many undiscovered truths and symbols, yet to be declared or unsealed. Hy-Brasil is famed for being a sunken isle of the west coast of Ireland, that could only be seen every seven years, and was cartographed on maps up until 1595.

Crown (7th) Chakra Nepalese mountain of Machapuchare and Mt Kailas, the only mountains of sacred descent. One attempt of Machapuchare at its summit was made in 1957, that failed, the mountain is now off limits to any climbers, as is Kailas. These sacred mountains of which connection to the higher astral planes are in coexistence, as above, so below, has been extended to as above IS below. The two mountains are now representing the binary systems and are working together to unify humanity.

Zeal 8th Chakra point STONEHENGE, this is our access point to our ancestral DNA information, the ancients heralded these Neolithic sites as the cornerstones to our understanding of time and epochs within the divine timeline, all ancients hold the truth frequency, which through the makeup of Stonehenge itself ( Preseli bluestone) is a conductor of deep earth magnetic sources. Dematerialisation becomes possible here when the human body is attuned to the correct hertz frequency. Time travellers are thought to access the energy here.

Stellar Gateway 9th Chakra point Cenote Sagrado, Mexico- This allows the flow from the higher astral gateways, to follow through to the other chakra points, it points the way for the total illumination of our consciousness and delivers our higher awareness to allow access to the Akashic records. The point of lightworkers all over the world.

Cosmic Stargate 10th Chakra Bodh Gaya, India- The upper seat of the third eye, linked to the higher etheric realms ( angelic and Quantum healing frequencies) this point links us all with the earth, and holds a high geometric understanding. When all the points are working in unity, they will bring a harmony to the planet. Quantum mechanics and philosophy are also going to become part of our human understandings.

The ley lines of South West England for example slice through the Heart chakra at Glastonbury, Silbury and Silbaby, and these lines radiate around 25 miles in diameter, imagine a fibre optic cable, that houses three cables, that is what the Mary, Michael and Bridget line are, and they are encapsulated within the Arimathea line, the energy lines radiate around each other in a vortex spiral, that harnesses a lot of EMF and plasma light energy.

You yourself, might very possibly be sitting on a ley line yourself, you could dowse with dowsing rods or pendulum to find out exactly where these energy lines are, and how they might be affecting you or your home. If we start to recognise that these energy points are pivotal to our deeper understanding nor only of our planet, but also into harnessing our consciousness into a much more elevated way of being, we can truly understand who and more importantly what we are and how important we are all to the evolution of not only our Mother Earth but to human evolution itself.

Most churches or places of worship are purported to be on energy ley lines, our ancestors perhaps knew the importance of these frequency lines and built structures to use the natural energy to help amplify the resonance. See below for a map dowsed by Anthony John Kennish in his brilliant book Glastonbury Chronicles, Sacred energies of place COPYRIGHTED KATHYMINGO.COM

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