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The love frequency-Embracing all the aspects of love and the karmic lessons we learn.

The last bastions of Christmas are finally behind us, most of us will still have an out of date packet of mince pies festering somewhere in the back of our cupboard, long forgotten now, as thankfully the evenings get brighter and we look forward to Spring.

As with every corporate fuelled “holiday”, Valentine’s day is now evident all around us. Bears wrapped in cellophane, holding crimson hearts declaring everlasting love for £19.99, flower sellers gearing up towards the pinnacle of their year.

Lovers and spouses, frantically scanning card shelves for that one card that encapsulates the words, that they find hard to say, within the confines of the shell of a relationship, young and old are not immune to the sinister advertising, the enforced pessimistic manipulation of the day of love, that makes even the most jaded disparager, rush to the shop, so not to forget love on this one day! (myself included, and I am sure as you read this, you sense my inward cynicism towards, what has become a day huge commercial companies adore, just chuck a red heart at something and foil wrap it up as love.

Love why is that four letter word, so relished and yet so feared? but still the one thing we essentially all have in common.

Love is, in of itself, a very fundamental reason for our existence, it creates euphoria yet equally it can produce the largest heartbreak, it is teacher and sentinel, it soothes and destroys, the verbal bullet that kills hope or the surgery that saves it. It can be the siren call across the vast ocean, or the gaping chasm that reverberates loneliness. Love is the most exact representation of our known universe, duality!

Unconditional love is that love that asks no questions, it just is, hard choices are made through this desire for the betterment of the person that needs it, the self or ego is pushed aside. Unconditional love can be the injection that ends the suffering of our pet that has been our biggest ally and friend, it can be the releasing of someone to a happier life without us in it, it can be the act of letting a child make their own mistakes even when we see the outcome, love is essentially about surrender. If we hold so tightly to love, we can draw the air out of it creating a vacuum of which love will shrivel and not shine. Who would we become if we let someone’s hopes rot under our care?

We are possibly more dishonest in the first throws of love than at any other time, the woman who rises before her lover to put on makeup, so they do not see the real her, love does not require perfection, it requires surrender to the imperfection.

Love demands an open heart and an open mind. Love is the one thing we all crave yet paradoxically the one thing we try to control. Love can be timeless and last eternity, yet love is bespoke, my view of love will most definitely be different than yours! Back to that pesky perception again!!

Love has its own frequency signature on the hertz scale. My channelled guides have called it the Elysium frequency, and it sits at a specific frequency on the scale. It is the true sound that transcends us into a state of harmonic purity. In essence we can hear the vibration of love, I will be adding a podcast meditation on the site for Valentines that will help open the heart chakra by using this unique frequency I was channelled. You will get this frequency through the sound healing in the meditation using crystal singing bowl., I suggest you do the meditation at least twice a week (more if you can) to allow the heart chakra to harmonise with the rest of your being.

We assume correctly that the kernel of love sits in the heart and not the brain or mind. I often say to clients who come to me with blockages of the love-line that the heart wants what the heart wants, we can reason with love all we want, but we love who we love, and sometimes we must surrender to that. Love complications are the single most questions I am asked about in my work!

At this very moment love for me is writing this on my laptop with my two Siamese cats nestling under my arms. Love is often the small simple nuances that hold the greatest gravitas. Love is devastatingly simple yet inertly complex, no wonder humanity struggles to find this balance.

I would like to say that there are certain lessons that we learn about love with what are called Karmic soulmates, these soulmates differ as they are very intense and have immediate effect.

Divergent from regular soulmates, karmic soulmates are those people who pull us into their gravitational field instantly, there is usually instant attraction and very strong connections, suffice it to say there can be that spark that could set fire the wettest of kindling.

We become essentially addicted to that person, but these types of relationship often implode with catastrophic consequences. Crimes of passion are attributed to this; Hollywood romances are littered with the corpses of karmic attraction. This type of love is the undertone to most fantasy novels and epic love stories, the tortured kind of love we equate to spiralling excitement. Love is not equated to passion if it is kind and humble, only deemed fervent when it tips the scales in extreme fashions.

I have a fundamental issue with media hyped love, it creates a standard that is not attainable to most and is frankly the kind of message that is creating disillusionment with relationships. Relationships of all types take work and compromise and massive injections of forgiveness, compassion and humour. Hollywood needs a re-evaluation of its core principles, but harmonious and kind love doesn’t make for box office hits. Why are we catering to the illusion of this love I wonder? There is a mind-controlled programme in place that I could answer this to, but that is for another time.

Very rarely do these karmic unions stay the course, there true purpose is to highlight our lessons that can only be learnt through pain and suffering. There is a saying “we learn more through pain than we ever can from joy”.

We perhaps should see love as a kind word from parent to child, the allowances of long-term love to evolve from its inception. Singletons on valentine’s day are frowned upon, like it is day that is somehow bypassing them as they are not twinned. I say to all those singles, stand tall and brave in the winds of this day, some people choose not to love another, but themselves, surely a more noble pursuit, So whether you are married, civil partnered, alone, single, polygamy or any other type, love is just something that happens to us all, and something we should all give back, in whatever capacity we are comfortable to do so. Love is the vibration that could enhance humanity.

Love is the kindness and compassion in this world, hold on to those that love you for all your peccadillos and not despite them, friends who are there regardless. If people in your life are making you unhappy, or are narcissistic in their approach to your life, they are not the kind of people you need to help you move forward.

On this valentine’s day LOVE YOURSELF and everything else will fall in place.


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