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The new energies coming in and the crystalline plasmic frequencies!

I am going to put my head above the parapet here and share a channel that was downloaded to myself, and concurrently others, in regards to the new energies we are experiencing on earth right now by using the medium of crystal skulls and also the new dimensional entities that communicate through them. Healers and channels available to access beyond the “norm” are becoming pure vessels for this ultra-high frequency.

Energy is a form of communication so those of you that are questioning my sanity, allow me some lenience whilst I deliver this strange channel. Dismiss it of you like but if it resonates on an unknown level it is doing its job as we are expanding our consciousness beyond the blinkered vison of our individual realities.

We are being asked to suspend our mental constrictions and move into a more harmonic way of presence. We are blocked by our own distorted beliefs and older blueprinted outlooks hunkered into the last millennium.

There were 27 skulls altogether that were from Lyra, they called themselves the Vegaes and when communicating via telepathy, they seemed to intermingle their energies to speak as a unified force. WE are being asked at this time to suspend old thoughts and accept a newer ( I feel ancient, but new to us) form of understanding that forces us to accept the reality that we are moving towards a new dawn of dimensional knowledge that will challenge our old outmoded principles and bring us as a collective humanity to a much deeper understanding of why we are here and who we truly are.

The way we see and hear the frequency of light and sounds will alter exponentially into what they called High resonance clarity. Our optical responses will deviate into fuller Spectrum configuration to what they said bring us out of analogue and more aligned to the rest of the universe.

Coincidentally as we have moved out of analogue transmissions on Earth to more digitised way it seems to have spring boarded our consciousness evolution into something astral but tangible. The essence of communication seemed to link more to Quantum bit ( 4 packets of data ) rather than binary. Quantum supercomputers are literally becoming used at google etc, so it seemed apt that we are receiving information in the newer format.

They brought imagery into focus of the celestial Cintamani stone and asked for its prophecy to be revealed through the exchange of our thoughts and ideas. These gems which hold the hopes of humanity have several star systems homes beyond the veil of our sight and understanding.

We look towards the heavens for celestial guidance, but we have, and have always had, the divine guidance to bring our own awareness into the corporeal world.

As technology moves to greater bandwidths, I feel more confident that we can raise our own vibrations to regain a certain sense of control over our frequencies. Plasma light and intelligent light are moving towards a grand trine of human potential not seen on this planet since the fall of the Ascended civilisations. I too must open my consciousness to accept we are just a tiny slice of spectral light within an ocean of divine light beings.



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