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The new holographic way of living, moving the soul toward the frequency of illumination.

More now than ever we are all in desperate need of a balance of truth amongst a cacophony of deceit and disinformation. As the older outmoded ways of governance and arcane dogmatic beliefs are starting to fall away, the veil of a newer truth is becoming visible to us.

Since the harmonic convergence of 1987 that heralded in the so-called new age beliefs, we are now in what I like to call the spiritual renaissance, a time of massive upheaval and change that we are truly blessed to be witnessing.

The adage we learn more from pain than we do from joy is singularly apt to this era we are experiencing today.

Technology boom and especially the advent of 5G ( more on this in a later blog) are creating a certain discord within the souls understanding of why, and more importantly WHAT our role and purpose is on this planet. The soul is designed to know that there is a bigger picture to its time on earth, yet we deem this lifetime we are experiencing now, as the only lifetime that counts, quantum energy dictates that it never dies that energy is just a cyclical rotating essence that will exist, the human mind just needs an association with self to place importance upon it.

We, alone are of course important, but as a collective we can be truly significant. Our human struggles are real to us, but within the frame work of our finite existence, they are merely small grains of sand in an ocean of possible outcomes.

The universe is now scientifically being looked on as a holograph, a projection upon which all our hopes and fears are placed. I generate a certain frequency, which then mirrors my holographic experience.

Politics is now showing itself for what it is, a mire of lies and self-gratification, for the few elitists to feather their own nests at the expense of the populous. This has always been the case, there is a theory called the horseshoe theory, which means whether left wing or right wing, it’s the same thing, the agenda remains the same, yet the delivery is just tweaked. Same shit different shovel!

The renaissance we are entering is the most illuminating time for us to be alive. We are in the midst of this transmutation, a metamorphic change that could alter the entire planet to one of holistic action.

A new Atlantean age for us to become the true essences of light within the voidal energy of despair.

We are divided so we cannot focus upon the true agenda being laid before us. Humanity needs to start being just that, HUMAN, and as a collective consciousness we can elicit change that can last for generations to come. I am NOT talking political change here, that is actually the biggest fallacy of them all, we are encroaching upon a dictatorship, and only in awakening to the manipulation can we truly start to become emancipated from the illusion and start to live a life of unity and hope.

Most “gurus” purport that only they can show you the way, surely that is an oxymoronic statement, the way is illuminated by self-knowledge. Learning is still one of the most proactive and important things one can do in the spiritual field. Personally, I have spent many many years absorbing and reading as much as I can, on many topics in this field from Mysticism, hermeticism, esoteric magick, alchemy etc, and all of them utter truths that strand throughout all the knowledge.

Essentially truth is just energy, most say you cannot get higher than love, I would go one step further and say you cannot love without truth, so you cannot get higher than truthful love.

There is a new frequency being felt at this time, and when we move past the illusionary echo chambers that social media so loves, we can then witness true and inspirational change. We need to stop blaming each other and start helping each other, but without barriers or constrictions.

I am starting to adapt a new healing system from my years of channel that will help, I hope, to get our energies more in concordance with the reality of our existence.

The new Atlantean age is here and I for one will welcome and fully embrace all that will be laid bare before us. I am hopeful of true spiritual evolution. Some spiritual practices hold little room for evolution, which suggests an ego attachment to these practices that have become entrenched. I cannot walk the path of another person, I can shine a light upon that path only. Self-governance and responsibility will be needed now more than ever.

I will be launching a podcast over the weekend, in which I will explain a new chakra system healing to help keep the frequency of the soul above the illusionary debris. It will also contain a deep meditation with new chakra points ( I like to call them access points) so please join me on this new path of discovery of an ancient way of being.

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