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The quantum connection-Into the cosmic consciousness we go.

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Bear with me on this, as this will be a little bit of Quantum mechanics mixed with a bit of conceptual philosophy. I confess to reading lots of books on this subject and still knowing barely nothing, so I am only going to scrape the tip of the iceberg with this.

The quantum world as we are starting to find out, is an ethereal wave of possibility and it is weird and wonderful and driven by paradox.

Electron particles do not behave in concordance with classical physics but seem to act in an entangled way, this is called quantum entanglement.

I see this a lot with clients who are still attached to a person from whom they cannot release themselves. More often that not, when the energetic cord is removed from that person or relationship, invariably within 2 weeks that person will contact them or they will bump into my client, even if they havent seen or heard from them in years.

How is this possible? Well when we attach to another human being our energetic blueprint ,if you like, entwine with that person, and according to Quantum entanglement, this connection can exist beyond time and space. I have seen on many occasions the effect that the cord removal can have. We are all made of electrons, so I think that the microcosmic world is merely a reflection of the macrocosmic one. I for one am far more open to the possibility of this quantum world as it offers infinite possibility, and with that surely infinite hope and wonder.

As Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”. He did not believe that anything could communicate faster than the speed of light, it seemed that the entanglement theory suggested that communication between electrons was instantaneous and that our observation of it, brought it into existence regardless of arbitrary distance! Einstein believed in an ordered universe that could be predicted. Cause and effect were the direction of the day, and this spooky action at a distance was not measurable, so was not valid.

Niels Bohr a Danish psychist ( try saying that after a botte of champagne and see how you get on) believed that particles were dictated by the very essence of thought, that in short, the universe is only observable when we observe it, and that a connection existed between these particles that was interlinked regardless of how far apart these particles were after entwinement.

Imagine if you can, that you are spinning a coin, whilst the coin is spinning it is neither heads nor tails, but if you stop the coin, you have in fact forced it to decide. You have moved that coin into a reality. Interestingly in Bohrs theory, if you spin two coins at once and stopped one on heads, the other coin would almost land on the opposite side, dictating the form of paradox. I have tried this experiment myself and it is uncanny.

The coins in Bohrs world communicate between themselves and will always land on the opposing side. I have done this experiment 30 plus times and apart from two dodgy spins, it proved true. This quantum entanglements means, if I spun these two coins miles and miles apart, I would still get this entangled response. The amount of opposite hits strongly rules out coincidence (of which I am not a believer of anyway)

Einstein and Bohr had a decade long fight over this theory with Einstein claiming, “The moon is definitely there when I am not observing it” So who is right? Is there right or wrong anyway?

It turns out that Bohr was right when measured by science. Some 1960s hippies, who were also quantum mechanic savants, managed to measure the theories, and Bohr bore out!!

I am sure down the line that other allegorical theories will come to the forefront, but for me at least, it explains how communication between different dimensions, remote viewing, telepathy, clairvoyance and past life memories all can hold a certain validity within this quantum world.

We are just packets of quanta that hold the entire universal flow within the essence of who we are. There is no separation from source, we are the source. Identity politics is just a perception. I do not truly exist, I just think I do.

The quantum world is littered with paradoxes, the grandfather paradox being one. If I travel back in time and shoot my grandfather, I have essentially negated my own existence by stopping my parents from being born and altered the time line of all concerned. The butterfly effect supplies a lot of philosophical remnants to this conundrum, whatever choice is made in the universe will ultimately have a consequence. We can drive ourselves to distraction with the moralising of our existence and we are all here in our human format so have to experience our human existence as best we can.

Truth and love are the same sides of those spinning coins, we can choose how we respond to things, but maybe take heart in the fact that the universe is a truly special weird and wonderful place to be and all we can really do is surrender to the gifts and experiences it throws to us as an aide to our spiritual progression and ascension.

Thoreau wrote of expression of self “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

We must stand up to live and speak our freedoms, regardless of popularity, we must fight against the dogmatic perceptions that cull people from their creative forces and move beyond the fear of the masses mentality, to stand against the power of the wind of conformed belief.

My perception is purely my own. I will stand up for your freedoms and fight for them as they are my own, if I disagree with you, I will still fight for your freedom to say it… as you should fight for mine.

We benefit from destruction of the ego, we are in a time in our humanity when we are faced with self-obsession and myopic thinking, our own individuality supersedes the community essence. Is it any wonder that we are the unhappiest we have ever been, our soul connections have been eroded by the relentless pursuit of pseudo-fame, money and narcissism!

If we are quantum in nature, no-one is better than anyone else we all come from the same foundation energy, and instead of clamouring over others for our own gain, we would benefit humanity if we all linked our energies.

Hold onto those people in your life that enhance your soul, those who drop their lives at a moments notice if you need them, that fight your corner, that allow your peccadillos and eccentricities and love you despite it all. Time is a transitory thing, we could be extinguished in the blink of an eye, so to live in surrender and acceptance creates much more free flowing dynamic.


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